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Behind each success
is expertise, skills and dedication of the involved people.

We enjoy if the 'mission' is not simple. If it requires creativity, focus, spirit, passion and persistance. If it requires years of experiences, but it still needs a unique solution.

Demanding tasks are pulling us forward. And they make our world colorful and pleasant.

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Software Development
Full product cycle - requirement definition, system design, project plan and cost estimation, budget and risk evaluation, development process, integration and testing, implementation and support.

Various programming languages (C#, C++, C, PYTHON), full spectrum of technologies and operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, microcontrollers, DSPs), databases, real-time systems. Process-to-process communication, multi-threading programming.

Industrial Electronics
Customized solutions and system integration for various fields and applications - industry, mobile communication, authentication and security, measurements and regulation.

End-to-end - covering hardware, firmware and software. Starting from design and development, PCB design, integration and testing, to production, distribution and support. PLC programming (FBD, LD, ST, IL, FSC), Texas Instruments CCS, M2M integration with GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE technologies. Wifi, LAN, Bluetooth.